Online Children and Parent Nature Experience

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This week has been such a crazy and long week to say the least, there is a lot to think about as an adult, especially if you're a parent or child caretaker. I wanted to help in the best way possible, and a parent reached out to me about wanting a science lesson plan. 

The light bulb came on and I thought, that's how I can help! I've created a 10 day lesson plan all about plants, nature, Earthing, and how to create a scientific journal with your children!

Nature has been shown to help decrease symptoms of anxiety, increase creativity and boost our immune system! We may not be able to hike together but you and your children can definitely Earth in your own backyard and hunt for natural treasures together all while educating each other!

Each day covers a new plant (Southern California Plants), a scientific word of the day, an activity to do with your children in their journal and includes an outdoor activity as well (from their own backyard or apartment complex). 

There will be videos and all plants have a picture as a visual so that the children can have a good look at the plant, and learn all about it!

Feel free to watch the sample video and view the sample pictures below. 

Age ranges: 7 years old to 13 years old

The slide show will be emailed to you and you will be able to access it at your leisure. 

*Sharing the slide show or any visuals from the slide show is prohibited and legal action will be taken if shared. Thank you for respecting my time and work.