Haunted Forest Night Hike

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Ever wonder what that creepy estate at the end of Lake and Loma Alta is all about? Why is it called the Haunted Forest? Have you ever dared to explore these haunted grounds? I'm sure you're wondering, is it really haunted? Is it really as creepy as it sounds? Well I've had a bit of a scare hiking this estate......

So here is my creepy experience in the forest: I decided my friends and I should do a night hike! Mind you this is back before I had my company and I hadn't hiked this trail in a long time... So we take an Uber to the Cobb Estate and set out to do Echo Mountain, mind you, we got there at like 9 p.m!  We suddenly realize we were lost (don't worry you won't get lost with me now, I promise)! We all kinda felt a weird energy in the air but chose to ignore it, we ended up on top of a steep hill in the dark of the night, with only the full moon to guide us. We finally decided to turn back and as we're coming down we see 3 witches!! Yes, witches, with pentagrams and they were carrying a small box, they were definitely out to do some witchcraft! We asked them "do you know how to get to the Echo Mountain trail head?" They looked at us with annoyance and said "no, we have no idea" I take it, they only go to the estate to cast spells. There is a lot of weird and creepy activity that goes on in the haunted forest, especially on full moons! 


If you haven't been you're definitely missing out, but I don't blame you for not going alone. So I have put together a group hiking experience throughout the month of October to safely guide you through the estate and up to the top of Echo Mountain! I will fill you in on the history, the scary tales, and the nature around you! It's a fun way to get your scare and hike on and meet other awesome people that enjoy creepy hikes! Oh ya and there is an awesome Echo Phone at the top to scream into, if you so wish. 

Duration: 3 to 4 hours

Time: Meet at 6:30 P.m Start Hike at 6:45 p.m Back at Car by 10 p.m. 

Distance: Round trip 5.5 miles (2.5 are uphill switchbacks) 

Equipment Provided: Headlamps

Snacks Provided: Homemade Vegan Banana or Pumpkin Bread 

Bring: 2 liters of water, and if needed walking sticks\hiking poles

This is a group hike, there are only 10 spots available per hike. 

Closed toe shoes are a must!!

Parking: Parking is free. PLEASE READ: If you park on Lake Parking is not allowed after 8 p.m. If you park on Loma Alta parking is allowed til 10 p.m! So Park on Loma Alta to ensure no ticketing. 

Bring a sweater for the top, it gets chilly.