Grounding Affirmations

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I designed 21 grounding affirmations to help you remain present while grounding. The Earth is full of healing and powerful energy which she freely gives to us when we stand barefoot on the grass/dirt. We receive this energy regardless of being present or not. Our minds on the other hand benefit when we are actively engaged, grounding doesn't just help with physical health (pairs with free radicals, improves circulation, better sleep, etc.) it also helps ease anxiety, bring about clarity and positive thoughts. To enhance the mental experience of grounding I have created these affirmations for you to journal and say while grounding. Adding this to your daily routine can improve your mental and physical health, and boost your mood! 

This is not legal medical advice. Please consult your doctor, do not stop medications or any professional medical help unless instructed by your doctor. There are no medical/ psychological guarantees with this purchase. Thank you.