Earthing Stones

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Enhance your Earthing Experience and Intentions with our Earthing Stones. Each stone has a different healing energy to aid with your specific intentions and or manifestations and healing. 

Stones are able to vibrate energy in a more balanced rhythm than the human body. They are able to give off energy and since we are walking balls of energy we are able to absorb the more balanced energy from the stone. Crystals are even more powerful than stones due to their crystal lattice make up, such as crystal quartz. Both stones and crystals serve their purpose in our healing process, aiding in giving off energies that we may need at the time to heal certain parts or Chakras within the body. 

Whether you need healing or just think they are beautiful, they are good additions to any home. 

We have multiple to choose from, we are certain you will find one that catches your vibration.