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This is a special edition of Earthing dedicated to supporting our chosen cause, we are so grateful you have chosen to join us! By Earthing we are supporting our health both mental and physical, while the Earth is giving to us, we can give back to others. 

What is Earthing? 

What is "Earthing"? Do you remember being a child and running barefoot through the grass or carelessly rolling around in the mud? If so, then you have "Earthed". Earthing is simply walking barefoot or holding dirt in your hands, to live a healthy and well balanced life we should Earth about 15 to 20 minutes a day. See the Earth gives off free electrons to pair with our free radicals (which steal electrons from our healthy cells and DNA). When we are sick or introduced to a harmful bacteria our bodies create free radicals, when we don't take in enough antioxidants we have left over free radicals, these free radicals are looking for electrons to balance them out which is why they attack your healthy cells and DNA. But if we Earth we are given FREE electrons to pair with our free radicals! Pretty amazing huh? Free radicals are the cause of inflammation which is one of the leading causes for asthma, rheumatoid arthritis and even lung cancer! So at no cost to you, you can help improve your health simply by walking barefoot!

Our chosen cause: 

For the month of September our cause is: Raices, an organization based in Texas that provides legal help to immigrants and their families in the U.S who have been detained or effected by I.C.E. (immigration and customs enforcement). I personally know people have been separated from their families due to I.C.E. It not only effects the person being held illegally, but their families may rely on that person to provide and when they are taken from their home, their families can't pay bills. Children are being greatly effected by their parents being taken while they're at school, imagine how horrifying it would be to be a child and come home and find that your parents won't be coming home because they're being held against their will? It's a sad and horrifying experience. I.C.E is promoting racism and discrimination in our country. By attending this Earthing event we are uniting and making a stand that we will not sit by while innocent people are separated from their families and in some instances dying while being detained, we will not stand for injustice. We will be relieving families of their burden and giving them some form of comfort, letting them know there are people who care and support them. We are all human beings, we all deserve respect and civil rights regardless of our ethnicity and immigration status. 

Time: 9 a.m

Location: Michael D Antonovich trail, San Dimas, Ca

Parking free; parking can be limited so get there early and carpool if you can. There is a small parking lot and limited street parking. 

Where to meet: We will meet at the picnic benches in front of the parking lot

Skill Level: Beginner to Intermediate; there is some up hill, we will start the hike going downhill and then it will be mostly flat. We will be hiking along a stream. The way back we will have some uphill for about .5 miles. Mostly shaded. 

Mileage: 3 miles r.t 

Activities: Earthing, we will hike 1.5 miles to a shaded spot under oak trees. We will take off our shoes and meditate, do light stretching, light upright yoga poses, as well as share our intentions, gratitude and possible stories with one another. No one is expected to share, or partake in anything they don't feel comfortable doing. There will be Doterra essential oils provided. 

NOTE: This trail has an abundance of POISON OAK! Pants or high socks are highly suggested! There is a cleared trail but at some points the poison oak is a bit overgrown. 

What to bring: 

  • small towel to wipe feet off
  • bug spray (water attracts mosquitos)
  • water (2 liters is a MUST)
  • snacks
  • sunscreen
  • chapstick

* 60% of the proceeds will go to RAICES, 40% is used to fund the hike. 

We look forward to seeing you, it is always tons of fun to Earth and meet new people!