Earthing Experience

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  •  What is "Earthing"? Do you remember being a child and running barefoot through the grass or carelessly rolling around in the mud? If so, then you have "Earthed". Earthing is simply walking barefoot or holding dirt in your hands, to live a healthy and well balanced life we should Earth about 15 to 20 minutes a day. See the Earth gives off free electrons to pair with our free radicals (which steal electrons from our healthy cells and DNA). When we are sick or introduced to a harmful bacteria our bodies create free radicals, when we don't take in enough antioxidants we have left over free radicals, these free radicals are looking for electrons to balance them out which is why they attack your healthy cells and DNA. But if we Earth we are given FREE electrons to pair with our free radicals! Pretty amazing huh? Free radicals are the cause of inflammation which is one of the leading causes for asthma, rheumatoid arthritis and even lung cancer! So at no cost to you, you can help improve your health simply by walking barefoot!


Hike a short 1 mile or less hike with a slight inline. A very beginner level hike, children are welcome. 

DATE: Sunday May 19th

Location: Bailey Canyon Wilderness Park 

MASSAGE DETAILS: The massage will be 20 minutes long, wear loose clothing so that it is easy for our massage therapist Heather to work with you. The massage will be outdoors under a canopy of live oaks and will take place after our Earthing session. You must pre-register for the massage so that we are able to provide the best experience for you, thank you. 

Duration: 1 to 2 hours Bailey Canyon Wilderness Park
451 W Carter Ave, Sierra Madre, CA 91024

Time: 9 a.m 

Parking: Free, Park near the restrooms, this is where we will meet. If lot is full free street parking is available. 

What to expect: Meet new like minded individuals that love the outdoors and holistic healing. We will meditate, connect, set our intent for the day and connect to our Earth. :) If you are open to essential oils I will provide Doterra Oils for scent and heightening the experience. 

What to bring: water, snacks, towel to clean your feet and an open, positive mindset. 

DISCLAIMER:  By attending this event you are agreeing to have your picture taken, video recorded. Pictures and video will be used on our website and social media.