Children's Educational Experience

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Knowing how our Eco-Systems and planet works is vital to the preservation of our planet and knowing how to design our communities and farms to preserve and restore our Amazing planet in the future. Our children are our future and what we teach them now will have an impact on our planets future and future generations as well. 

Not only is the education of sustainability vital, but allowing them to become familiar and comfortable in nature is vital to their well being. In this time of technology, we wake up on our computers (smart phones), we go to bed gazing at the screen and children wake up to their tablets, t.v and some a phone. We are all plugged in throughout our days, our brains are on overload from all of the stimulation. Children are having harder times concentrating due to being conditioned to instant gratification on their devices, their attention spans have shortened and their time in nature has almost disappeared. 

Nature is a pharmacy offering us filtered air, anti-oxidants, it's a natural anti-depressant, and helps with decreasing the characteristics of ADHD. Nature also boosts creativity and problem solving by 50% from hiking just 3 times a week.