Boss Babes Re-Alignment Nature Experience

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I have met so many talented and Amazing women throughout these two years of my Entrepreneurial journey, and I want to bring us all together in a beautiful setting. What is more beautiful and inspiring than Mother Nature?! I don't think there is anything better or more inspiring than being outdoors! 

I'm sure you have your game plans, agendas all written down and have been or are ready to tackle this new year, but did you include nature time? My best downloads (ideas), have come to me while in nature, when I'm relaxed, vulnerable and just living. I would love to bring us all together to experience the liberating and beautiful energy together!

Let's come together in a vulnerable and loving environment and re-charge ourselves, let ourselves just be, indulge in the beauty and freedom around us, and open ourselves up to natural downloads (ideas). 

What to expect: 

This will be a 3 mile round trip hike, at a beginner level. 

We will hike, I will educate you on our unique Ecosystem that we are so fortunate to experience here in SoCal! 

We will Earth or "ground", the Earth provides free Antioxidants that actually help us heal and prevent disease as well as energize us and regulate our sleep patterns. By walking or standing barefoot for 30 minutes we will get our daily recommended antioxidants! I will also provide Grounding oil by Doterra to enhance the experience. 

After Earthing we will have a snack and get to know one another, set our intentions for the day or week and share a bit about what it is we do and what our mission is. 

I will provide canvases and paint and we will get our creativity flowing! Whatever your heart desires to paint is what we will paint. Get as creative as you want, using the nature that is surrounding us! We will hike under a grove of gorgeous Oak Trees, at times there is a swing to really bring out the kid in you (sometimes the swing is taken down).  After painting and snacks we will head back and call it a day, leaving you rejuvenated and inspired for the rest of your week! 

Optional Lunch: 

Join me after the hike for lunch at Equelequa in Pasadena, the worlds only Vegan Cuban restaurant! 15 min drive from the hike. 

What will be provided: 

Experienced Hike Guide


Banana Bread slice


What to bring: 

Water (1 liter is mandatory)

Bug repellent


Wear high ankle socks (poison oak prevention)




Bailey Canyon

451 W Carter Ave, Sierra Madre, CA 91024

1.5 miles round trip

Time: 10 a.m 

Duration: 2 to 2.5 hours total. (not including the optional lunch). 

Date: Feb. 23rd

This trail can be a bit rugged, going over or under logs, some rock scrambling, but nothing extreme, it is a beginner level trail. 

There is poison oak on the trail, it is maintained by rangers, wearing high socks is advised.