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Miles: 1.6 miles out and back Hours: 1.5 hours. Difficulty Level: Moderate to Difficult Season: All seasons. Best in Spring and Winter. There are two theories of how Wisdom Tree came to be. The first is that a man named John Smirch received the young tree from McDonald's and decided to plant the tree on the hill. The second is the tree was intended to be a Christmas tree but turned out to be a Lone Pine. In 2007 a fire destroyed hundreds of acres of land in this area. A man named Mark Rowlands was flying over the hills...

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Miles: 3.2 roundtrip Hours: 1.5 to 2 hours Difficulty: Easy to Moderate Intro: If you're looking for a shaded hike that feels you are hundred's of miles outside of Los Angeles, this is your hike! With the beautiful Alder Oak tree's covered in Ivy, providing a canopy of shade and the serene creek that flows along the trail, you will feel you have escaped the city life entirely. This hike is dog friendly as long as you have a leash. There are many parents who even hike with their young children on this trail. Just be aware the last 0.6...

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