Brittanie Adaire Hikes

Brittanie Adaire Hikes aims to inspire, motivate, educate and heal others through nature. We believe nature is a healing tool for all to utilize and the more we know about our planet the more we will understand it's importance. Our founder and lead hike guide Brittanie Adaire has a strong passion for nature and helping others. Through her research as a Biologist she has realized the importance of educating and introducing people to nature. Her extensive knowledge on Los Angeles' Chaparral Eco-system, love for History and passion for hiking and creativity, makes her an exceptional guide. We offer one of  a kind experiences which can be customized to fit your special occasion. Let us guide you on the most unique outdoor adventure of your life, book an experience now and Adaire To B Brave. 

Clara Chavez Media

Clara Chavez is a multimedia artist with a specialty in photography. Clara first noticed her passion for photography when her father converted one of their family bathrooms into a makeshift darkroom. She observed liquids mixing together to produce magical images and became intrigued with the alchemy. Clara draws much of her inspiration from the power of femininity, and the natural landscape that surrounds us. She finds that nature rejuvenates and resets our spirits and minds; which can then be used to handle the high demands of modern day life. Clara looks forward to portraying you in a manner that will bring you joy for years to come. Yay! 


 Had so much fun, felt safe and learned about hiking and the beautiful setting. After seeing the waterfall and hiking back, I was all blissed out. The air and the trees were amazing. Brittanie is super kind, friendly, experienced and knowledgeable. Gonna do another one!!!

Kim A.

Brittanie led us on a fantastic hike and was extremely knowledgeable about the plant and historical surroundings. She brought snacks that were according to our preferences and prepared a comfortable picnic for us in front of a waterfall. It was an outstanding experience! Thank you again!

Allison L

Was a really good experience she educated me of different plants and different types of eco systems and how they work, the view was amazing, and she brought snacks I would definitely recommend.

Darren L.

One of the better guided hikes I've done in a while. Brit, is an excellent guide, who really knows the trail and its history. The hike is moderate, the destination historic, yes I'd do it again. 

Rob A.

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